In just five years, Houston-based top-producing real estate agent Julia Wang went from sourcing clients on Craigslist to $30 million in annual sales. An original member of the Nan and Company Properties family, she now oversees her own team of agents – all licensed realtors seeking to learn from the best in the business. Julia is an abundance-minded boss babe who believes in both sharing her trade secrets and keeping it real. This is real estate reality TV like you have never seen before: the grit, the glamor, and most of all the hustle that it takes to make it in this industry. In the show we also see her own beautiful home, which she shares with her husband, a serial entrepreneur, their two children, and a French bulldog puppy named Mango. Away from the office, Julia enjoys traveling, cooking, and lifestyle vlogging as Wangsta's Paradise.

Julia Wang

Vivian succeeds where many before her have failed. "She gets me,” says Julia, of her superstar assistant, who holds a real estate license herself ... and casually closes her first million dollar deal on the side! We see her preparing client appreciation gifts for Julia, and her genuine surprise when the roles are reversed. She is humble and service-minded, proving to everyone she meets that her loyalty runs as deep as her love of real estate. A Houston homegirl who enjoys global travel, Vivian knows who she is and navigates this cutthroat industry without compromising her core values: respect, honesty, and hard work.


Known as the mini-Julia of the team, Eunice receives extra close scrutiny from her mentor. In Julia’s words, “She reminds me a lot of myself.” And way beyond their Korean roots, it is clear that they share certain values – honesty and integrity among them – which we see as Eunice rides the highs of real estate (closing four leases in a week) as well as the lows (representing a client with three DUIs). Through it all, she demonstrates a tenacity that doesn’t wane: she grew up binge-watching HGTV and attending open houses … for fun! A blue sky thinker who wears her heart on her sleeve, we’re rooting for Eunice. But will she be able to graduate on time?


We catch only fleeting glimpses of Daniel as the season begins, but make no mistake: his extra (in a good way) personality begins to shine with every new episode that airs. When the team is delivered a tough challenge – close a deal within the week or get cut – we see Daniel rally the troops. This leadership comes from a lifetime devoted to the service sector: Daniel counts cruise ship dancer and Air Canada purser among his career experience to date, giving him a global perspective, an open mind, and fluency in three languages. But it is in real estate where his passion for people meets his purpose in business.


“What did you do last week that 99% of other realtors did not do?" Called to answer this question in front of the team at Monday meeting, we are right alongside Rebecca hoping the ground will swallow us up! After a bad week, she answers honestly – “Nothing” – and this integrity, we learn, is a part of who she is. A busy mom, Rebecca hustles hard. She nurtures her teammates, making time to help those with less experience. “Sunny with a side of sass” is how she would describe herself … and we see this shine through as she navigates the world of real estate with her steady nerve and suffers-no-fools outlook.


You heard it here first: “This is going to be a life-changing year,” Leah tells us as the show begins filming. And while this surely takes a different form than the one she planned, we see her grow into herself and gain the respect of those around her. Bright and bubbly, what she lacks in experience she makes up for in her network and willingness to learn. As the show begins, we see her yet to close a deal. She gets some serious side-eye for using “the dog chewed up my charger” as an excuse for a slow day. But like any good mentor, Julia digs in: “Who is the real Leah?” And with patience comes reward, as Leah lands her first listing live on the show.


The newest member of the team, we meet Meaghan for the first time in her job interview. “I’m all in,” she tells Julia. And "all" is no joke in this 24/7 industry. Brand new to real estate but Houston born and raised, she quickly shows she knows her hometown market and has what it takes to make deals. But not before discovering (the hard way) Julia's penchant for punctuality! Outgoing and effervescent, her personality seems a natural fit for real estate. Where many realtors lament the loss of their weekends to open houses, Meaghan lives for the opportunity to meet people, market homes, and build her professional network.


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